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Monday, April 23, 2012

Megan Best

Hi Everyone!  Today I would like to talk to you about Megan Best.

Megan is a lovely, bubbly teacher and an award winning quilter to boot.  Megan is also the dealer for A1 longarm machines and Compuquilters in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  So for those of you who have a Compuquilter, her classes are a must.  What Megan doesn’t know about Compuquilters isn’t worth knowing!

Megan is offering 6 classes at Festival and I thought to make it easy I’d break it down into categories.

First up, her Compuquilter (CQ) classes : There will be three CQ classes dealing with everything from the basics through to advanced techniques.  A special borders and corners class will show you how you can quilt borders with a CQ  without having to turn the quilt!  How great would that be?

Secondly, Megan will be teaching an A1 maintenance class to show you how to keep your machine humming along.  In this class, among other things,  you will learn to time your machine to find the “sweet spot” to enable you to run all those gorgeous, but fussy threads.

And thirdly, Megan will be sharing with you the techniques that make her quilts so special.  In her Spinal Twist class you will discover a multitude of designs, other than feathers, that can be put on a spine to make your quilts pop!  In her Background Fills for Fun lesson Megan will help you overcome “background block” with inspiring ideas to fill those blank spaces.

Click here for all the details about Megan’s classes.

To check out some of Megan’s fabulous, inspirational work click here.

Until next time, 


PS.  Next up will be Deb Louie.  Stay Tuned!

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