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Friday, April 8, 2011

Quilting Roster

The past few months has seen many disasters unfold in our Country and others in our near regions. It is almost too difficult to comprehend and I'm sure we have all been horrified as we've seen these tragedies unfold in the various medias that are available to us.

Time moves on and so does the media and the areas that have been so tragically affected are left to try to re-establish their lives. Many individuals and organisations do their very best to help where they can and are to be commended for their efforts.

Whenever a situation arises, quilters are always one of the first to respond and pool together to get as many quilts made as quickly as possible and distributed to those in need.

It is with this thought in mind that we would like to put together a roster of machine quilters that would be prepared to help where they can. The way it would work, if you are interested, would be to contact us via email, we will then collate the information and create and maintain a database.

We would advise the various Guilds that we have a list of machine quilters that are prepared to help and would then pass on contact details should the need arise.

When the Queensland Floods hit and the fires in WA, I contacted our State Guild and advised them that there were a few "longarmers" prepared to quilt a number of quilts should they like to take advantage of this service. The first of those quilts have now arrived and been allocated and it would be greatly appreciated if more quilters would come forward to "lighten the load". The aim is for this roster to be Australia wide and be a central point in case of these disasters.

We look forward to your help and participation in this initiative.

Thanks so much, Sharon & Tracey