20-23rd September 2018
The Australian Machine Quilting Festival is dedicated to providing inspiration, education and encouragement to all machine quilters that own a longarm, midarm and/or a domestic sewing machine. Come & join us in our new venture to grow & learn about machine quilting!

Friday, May 28, 2010

AMQF Update and Release of Attendee Package

Our aim is to blog more often as the time draws nearer to AMQF, please be patient with us and call back often to see how we’re going. It’d be great to hear your comments on how you feel we are progressing at this time and your opinions in general on the Festival. Do you think we have most things covered, do you have ideas that you’d like to put forward? Don’t be shy but please be kind :-)
We’d like to share a comment that was put forward to us recently as it may help you make a decision about classes. Someone shared their disappointment that “hands-on” longarm classes aren’t being offered at AMQF. AMQF is in the embryonic stages and we are unable, at this stage, to source enough machines to make hands-on classes a possibility. Having said this I’d like to share my own experience - I don’t have a natural drawing talent and have found the art of machine quilting quite difficult to master. To put someone like me in front of a machine and expect me to execute anything worth looking at would be a waste of time. However, if I am taught, through drawing, and practice on paper then I can quilt almost anything! Recently, I attended a hands-on class and I spent the majority of the class trying to learn/control the machine that was supplied; I would have benefited far more by sitting and drawing. There is a very good and wise saying “If you can draw it, you can quilt it”!!
Are there any people that would like to open their home to visitors? We’d like to be able to offer a hospitality service to our country, interstate and overseas visitors. If you’d like to be involved in this program please provide us with your details or contact Sharon for further information. Billeting can be very worthwhile, you'll not only have the chance to learn from your fellow quilters but you may form lifetime friendships.
At this stage we have had 30 people register their interest to Volunteer. If you haven’t put your name on the list we'd love to have you onboard. It can be great fun being involved as a Volunteer and you'll be close to the action. We can’t do this on own and are counting on having as many volunteers as possible – many hands make light work and we’ll do our best to reward you for your efforts.
Last but by no means Least - We’ve been attempting to put something together for our attendees and are SO excited to offer a fantastic “Attendee Package”! The cost of this package is $100.00 (inc GST) and includes the following;
Registration fee
Entry to Quilt Show & Vendor Mall (4 days) Conference Bag including pad, pen, magazines, vouchers, patterns and much, much, more
AMQF Commemorative Badge
3 metres of wide backing fabric
Listing in Show Catalogue
This package gives attendees over $200.00 value for the low cost of $100.00, FANTASTIC isn't it? If you are interested in purchasing one of these packages please email us for further details.
That’s it for now – stay tuned and please leave us some feedback.
Sharon & Tracey

Monday, May 17, 2010

AMQF is for ALL machine quilters…

This newsletter list is getting larger & larger daily! Thank you to everyone for signing up and also keep spreading the word for us as well. Keep an eye on magazines coming out in June for our full page advertisements and articles about machine quilting & festival.

Thank you also to so many who have already put their name down to assist with volunteering. We really can’t do all this without you and we very much appreciate your willingness to help.

I would like to bring to your attention that you can view all the classes being offered already by going to the teachers page on the website and clicking the ‘about’ button for each of them to view their classes. You will not be able to register until we have finalised the schedule to fit them all in. If there are topics that you feel we have not addressed and you desperately would like to learn about then please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. There is still space to add a couple more classes in rooms without longarm machines. ie: demo/lecture style classes.

We are thrilled to offer domestic machine classes by both Rachelle Denneny and Helen Stubbings. Rachelle is a consumate machine quilter who has won numerous awards for her amazing quilting. Helen has won awards for her domestic machine quilting both here in Australia and the USA! Now don’t forget that there are many, many other classes that are suitable & very relevant for domestic machine quilters as well…

Pam Clarke’s classes are also brilliant for those using a domestic machine on a frame OR a table top.

Jenny Scott’s Web Marketing 101 will be a must have class for those wanting to learn all about marketing & social networking in different ways.

There really is something for everyone we hope!

Until next time….

Tracey & Sharon

owners AMQ Festival 2010