20-23rd September 2018
The Australian Machine Quilting Festival is dedicated to providing inspiration, education and encouragement to all machine quilters that own a longarm, midarm and/or a domestic sewing machine. Come & join us in our new venture to grow & learn about machine quilting!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gala Dinner Photos

Click on View Your Photos.
Select the image titled Australian Machine Quilting Festival 2014
Enter the Access Code AMQF2014 (case sensitive) and click enter.
You now have a choice whether to add Images to a favourite’s selection to select after or add them straight to the shopping cart.

Direct link to the Australian Machine Quilting Festival 2014.  If you have any questions please contact Jess@festivalphoto.com.au or call 1300 360 241.
Lost Property
We have an extension table for a Janome Horizon that was left in Pam Holland's class - if it belongs to you please email sharon@amqfestival.com.au to organise for this to be back in your hot little hands.

Registration Bags
Sales are going well for the Registration Bags so if you've added one to your Christmas List then get in quick.  They are now on the website for purchase.  Please note that these bags are plain, there is no screen printing on them - only our embroidered logo.  These cooler bags would make an excellent Christmas Gift and with this in mind we have reduced the price to $20.00.  Some gift ideas are as follows;
  • for the man in your life - fill them up with a cool block and a few stubbies
  • fantastic lunch box - no matter whether you're a tradie or a lady
  • do you have a 'nutter' in your life - fill it up with nuts, crackers and nibbles
  • is there a baby in the family, then what a classy way to pack your bottles and bits for bubs
  • why not fill it with chocolates and/or mini bottles of bubbles
Did you order your copy of the AMQF DVD at festival?  If not, you still have the chance to do so, this can be done via the AMQF website or by visiting Emma's personal website.  Emma has a fantastic special going if you wish to purchase 2010, 2012 and 2014 - contact her for details.  These DVD's have beautiful photos of all the quilts, plus many candid shots taken throughout festival.

That’s it for now…..back to the machine to get those Christmas Quilts done and dusted.
Sharon & Tracey

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just a Little Bit More

We can hardly believe that almost 4 weeks have passed since the commencement of AMQF 2014, what a week it was and I'm not sure that we've fully recovered yet:-)  There is still quite a bit for us to do but in the meantime we thought we'd share a few things.

There were 73 kits purchased for the Alzheimer's Benefit Quilt Challenge and from these there were 29 quilts submitted to us for judging.  The total raised for Alzheimer's Australia was a little over $5,000, what a tremendous effort.  Thanks to everyone for supporting this great charity. 

The successful bidders for the Alzheimer's Benefit Quilt Challenge are as follows;

Quilt NameWon By
Little Bang - A Moment in TimeLloyd Curzon
One Moment in TimeLeonie McCallum
Pat's JourneyLeslie Tobin
Harvey's JoyShirley Fowell
The Farmer Takes a WifeSharon Dowling
Flamenco HibiscusLynne Callaghan
For the Love of TeaLloyd Curzon
A Moment in TimeKay Nichols
The Quilt ShopLloyd Curzon
RawGlenda Woods
Golden DuskJenny Doan
Broken CompassJenny Robertson
A 50 Year Old MomentLee Dowe
Family TiesLloyd Curzon
A Moment in TimeKay Nichols
WindmillLloyd Curzon
A turn of the Wheel, A roll of the DiceIlse Bartlett
God's PromiseL. Haggis
Unchained MelodyElizabeth Williams
Forget me Not, Put on the PotKim Hannon
A Moment in TimeRose Craig
Snowflake MomentsOtto Windler
Gone But Not ForgottenMichelle Pearson
Singapore BirdsPip Porter
BubblesOtto Windler
One Yellow Rose for MumJanet Beard
Gone with the WindFiona Alexander
Moment in TimePaul Browning
Once for AllJacky Myers

For further information and photos of these quilts please visit the website.

The invoices for the quilts were issued last week and as payment is received the quilts are being sent out.  All those that entered a quilt receive a certificate and a sash or rosette; these have been mailed out and you should receive them by the end of this week..

Registration Bags
We have had quite a few requests from people wanting to order a Registration Bag - we have now added these to the website for purchase.  Please note that these bags are plain, as in there is no screen printing on them - only our embroidered logo.  These cooler bags would make an excellent Christmas Gift and with this in mind we have reduced the price to $20.00.  Some gift ideas are as follows;
  • for the man in your life - fill them up with a cool block and a few stubbies
  • fantastic lunch box - no matter whether you're a tradie or a lady
  • do you have a 'nutter' in your life - fill it up with nuts, crackers and nibbles
  • is there a baby in the family, then what a classy way to pack your bottles and bits for bubs
  • why not fill it with chocolates and/or mini bottles of bubbles
Did you order your copy of the AMQF DVD at festival?  If not, you still have the chance to do so, this can be done via the AMQF website or by visiting Emma's personal website.  Emma has a fantastic special going if you wish to purchase 2010, 2012 and 2014 - contact her for details.  These DVD's have beautiful photos of all the quilts, plus many candid shots taken throughout festival.

We'll be back with more as soon as we have something else to share.  Good luck with achieving all you need to do as we race up towards Christmas.

Sharon & Tracey

Friday, October 10, 2014

Brief Update

We thought we'd give everyone a brief update on where we are at with finalising everything from AMQF 2014.  Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone that was involved with AMQF2014 either as a sponsor, vendor, student, volunteer, attendee or any capacity at all.  We certainly couldn't put on an event such as this without your help, enthusiasm and involvement, so thank you very much.
At this stage both Tracey and I are still recovering from the show and are busy unpacking and getting everything in some sort of order so please be patient with us for a little longer.  The plan is to have most things finalised by the end of next week or soon after and we'll be in touch via the Newsletter once we have more to share with you all.
The Alzheimer's Benefit Quilt Challenge winners will be notified early next week, invoices will be sent out and once payment is received the quilts will be parcelled up and posted off.  To  all those that made and donated their quilts we will be sending sashes and certificates at the same time.
Thank you all once again from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate each and every one of you!

Sharon & Tracey

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Three days until Jenny Doan arrives in Adelaide!!

It is controlled chaos both at my home & Sharon’s this weekend…. then it will be time to move in to the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Some further information that will ensure that all goes smoothly for everyone when you arrive.


Jenny Doan’s Mystery Classes will be held in the Riverbank Rooms 1 & 2 on the lower level. Enter the Convention Centre through the main entry from North Terrace & you will find lots of signs pointing you in the right direction. There are some stairs to go down BUT there is also a lift that you can use right near the stairs to make it easier when carrying/rolling in your sewing machines & supplies. The first class starts at 8.30am and we will have the doors open at 7.45am for you to be able to setup in plenty of time. Please make sure that you have your barcoded ticket with you so that you can enter and collect your ‘kit’ that will contain your fabric, workshop notes, complimentary single entry ticket to the vendor mall & quilt show along with some special gifts from Patchwork on Parade & Busy Quilting.

Please ensure you have your sewing machines tested & tagged by an electrician before you arrive. There will be a delay & a large cost to have the Convention Centre do this for you.

For those that have requested to hire a Bernina 350SE machine from Otto & Penny’s Sewing Centre, please bring $30 in an envelope with your name on it to hand to us.

There will be Public Catering in the Riverbank Foyer on Wednesday from 11am- 5pm to provide refreshments. You can also go to Regatta’s Bistro & Bar on the same level if you would like to. There is a fantastic view of the River Torrens & parklands from this area.

If you would like to familiarise yourself with the venue and see where the halls and classrooms are you'll be able to get an idea by clicking on this link.


The registration desk is located in the Foyer outside of Hall H - our vendor mall & quilt show area, and will be open from 7am - 6pm. You will see this as soon as you enter through the main entrance to the Adelaide Convention Centre from North Terrace. The registration desk will be clearly marked in sections to guide you to where you need to go. You will need to present your barcoded registration ticket to exchange it for either your registration bag or Festival Package and your name tag, that will give you access to the vendor mall & quilt show as many times as you like. Please note that we will be unable to swap your registration bag for a Festival Package as all have been prepared & packed for you now.

If you have early classes on Thursday and the line at the registration desk appears a bit daunting, then simply go straight to your class with your barcoded ticket to that class & you can then return to the registration desk later to collect your bag & name tag. There will be large posters near the registration desk detailing Classes, times & locations of each class. Thursday & Friday classes are all located in the Riverbank rooms on the lower level.

If you wish to purchase more classes when you get to Festival, please enquire at the registration desk after 1pm on Thursday to allow for the rush of attendees to be served first. If it is a class on earlier that day then of course you will need to come in earlier…

Could all volunteers please sign in/out at the registration desk prior to your allocated times each day to collect your folders &/or get instructions. This will ensure your name is entered into the volunteer prize draw each day. All prizes are generously donated by our wonderful group of sponsors. 

There will be Public Catering in the Riverbank Foyer on Thursday from 10am- 6pm to provide refreshments. You can also go to Regatta’s Bistro & Bar on the same level if you would like to. 


The registration desk will be open from 7.30am - 9pm. The Vendor Mall & Quilt Show opens from 6-9pm for your first view of all the quilts, shopping and the official opening on the Main Stage at 7pm immediately followed by the AMQA Quilt show awards ceremony.

There will be Public Catering in the Riverbank Foyer on Friday from 10am- 4pm to provide refreshments. You can also go to Regatta’s Bistro & Bar on the same level if you would like to. 
The public catering will then move to Hall H in the vendor mall and be available thereafter during opening hours for the duration of Festival.


Registration desk will be open from 7.30am - 5pm. The Vendor mall & Quilt show is open from 9.30am-5pm.

Sue’s Sewing World Gala Dinner, dancing & Quilt Auction will be held in Hall E with doors opening at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Tickets are still available online for purchase. Tickets can be purchased up until Friday night for this event. Please join us for a 3 course meal, drinks package, presentation by Pam Holland, Quilt Auction & great entertainment from Danny Hooper! There will some fantastic door prizes given away Saturday evening. You don’t want to miss out on these!
Dress code: Neat casual with your dancing shoes….


Don’t forget that daylight savings starts so we all lose an hour’s sleep!!!

Registration desk will be open from 7.30am - 6pm. Classes finish late so make sure you grab a bite to eat before the vendor mall closes at 5pm to snack on during or before your late classes. There will be water available in classrooms & in Foyer areas for everyone.


Registration desk will be open from 7.30am - 5pm. The show closes at 4pm, so don’t miss out on any final shopping you might need to do.

Has anyone heard our radio advertising campaign on Cruise1323??? Thanks to our generous sponsor Otto & Penny’s Sewing Centre, we have a Bernina sewing machine to give away with goodies with it as well. PLUS free tickets to come see all our quilts & go shopping.


You have to be in it to win it!!

Counting down now with only one hand….

Tracey & Sharon

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Registrations are Closing!

All registrations will be closed at 8pm on Friday September 26th which will allow us to get everything organised for our students.  If you've been sitting on the fence thinking about registering for classes then now is the time to hop off and get on to your computer and book:-)

Please note that the Registration/Festival packages have now been assembled and we only have a limited number available; please be prepared for this eventuality.

We will be taking registrations throughout festival and these can be done at the Registration Desk from Thursday 1pm onwards. 

Getting close now.....

Sharon & Tracey

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tagging, Tickets & Supply Lists

This Newsletter is a reminder to ALL students - a little bit of housekeeping so to speak.
  • If you are bringing your sewing machine or any electrical equipment to classes, then by law it must tagged and tested by a certified electrician.  It is absolutely imperative that this is complied with to avoid the disappointment of not being able to participate in your chosen class.
  • Ensure that you have checked the supply list for each particular class and that you have everything that is required; this should have been sent to you along with your tickets.  If you have any queries about your supply list then check the website in the first instance.
  • Printing of your tickets has been mentioned previously - this is very important so that everything runs like clockwork.  If you don't have your tickets there will a per ticket charge for reprinting.
See you all soon :-)

Sharon & Tracey 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

14 days oh my….

Time is flying by & we are putting all the finishing touches on everything ready to start in 2 weeks!

Reminder: Please ensure you print ALL your barcoded tickets to allow you to collect your registration bag or Festival Package, enter your chosen classes & be able to enter the Expo hall to go shopping & view the demonstrations on the Main Stage.

If you are attending a Jenny Doan Mystery Class, then a single entry ticket will be inside your class ‘kit’ so that you can come & shop during the weekend.

If you can’t find your tickets in your email inbox, then simply login on to the website & check your account to request them to be emailed to you again. IF you don’t have them then there will be a delay & a charge to get them reprinted at the Registration desk.

Please triple check your tickets for any supply lists OR the website also has supply lists included in the description if they were not emailed with your tickets.

Vendor news!

Patchwork on Parade

Visit Patchwork on Parade where you will find some absolutely gorgeous treasures, and fabulous bargains!!!  These include,

  • Precuts
  • Yardage – 50% off
  • Great range of tins
  • Kits
  • Fabulous discounts on longarm books and notions
  • Stylish carry-on luggage, just in case you need extra room to get your purchases home

We have some fabulous new products which will be showcasing with demonstrations, both on stage and in our booth.  


Wonderfil Specialty Threads Canada

We are thrilled to have Wonderfil Specialty Threads again at Festival, both as a sponsor & a vendor! Barrie & Andrew will be present to show you their entire range of threads with samples to entice you to try something new & different…. All who are attending the Gala Dinner will go home with a thread gift from Wonderfil Specialty Threads – so BOOK NOW for the dinner as well.


Lorien Quilting Logo Outlines

Hermione Agee purchased her longarm machine in 2002 & fell in love with all things quilting! She loved designing her own edge to edge patterns with other quilters always admiring her work. A design business was born & continues today with the most beautiful & easily executed designs created right here in Australia! Come along to view her immense catalogue of patterns & purchase them for your own quilts at Festival.


hres westalee logo

Once again, the amazing Bill & Leonie West will be at Festival demonstrating & selling their large range of rulers for patchwork & quilting.
Westalee Design sold its first product in March 2008 and based in Victoria, we have been supplying Patchwork Stores both in Australia and worldwide ever since.
We have established ourselves as a leading Manufacturer of high quality, accurate Patchwork and Quilting Rulers, Templates and Guides and an extensive range of Long Arm Quilting and Custom Made Tools, all proudly made in Australia.


suessewingworld logo3

Sue’s Sewing World has supported AMQ Festival since our first event & this year is no exception! Sue has generously sponsored our Sue’s Sewing World Gala Dinner along with donating a Brother Scan’n’Cut to one lucky winner attending the dinner this year.

Sue has a huge range of sewing machines, overlockers, machine accessories, fabric, threads, Horn Sewing Cabinets along with experienced staff & technicians to assist you with your machines.

Come & visit the shop in Booth 34 & 37 for some great specials!



Joys Craftworx

Joy’s Craftworx from Portland is joining us this year & will be presenting a fantastic demonstration on the Main stage each day at 10.30am. Learn about Specialty Gadgets that you can use to make a multitude of designs for cushions, runners and quilts with free downloadable patterns. There is just one financial outlay for the template. Also see the amazing seam fix. If you need to unpick a seam this is the thing for you! Joy will has a huge range of fabrics, kits, patterns, accessories, books, wool & embroidery supplies all backed up with great service & knowledge.



You may recognise the name Lee Vause from our teacher list! Lee is also coming to be able to supply you with all the zentangle supplies that you will need to fulfil your newest obsession! Plus lots of notions & accessories that she uses & stocks in her online store for you to purchase & enjoy.


Be back soon …. with more information!

Tracey & Sharon

Friday, September 12, 2014

Jenny Doan Mystery Classes

There are only a limited number of vacancies in the first and third Mystery Classes being taught by Jenny Doan.  If you are thinking you might like to attend then Sunday will be the last day that we'll be taking bookings.  All the kits need to be completed ready for transport to the Adelaide Convention Centre.
Speaking of this class, I'm sure most of you have read or received the Supply List for the Mystery Class but if not please read below.
Supply List
Sewing Machine - Tagged & Tested
1/4 inch foot
Rotary cutter with new blade
Thread for your machine
Bobbins - prewound and ready to go
Ziplock bags
Washout Market
Preferred ruler for cutting

We will have ironing/cutting stations set up around the room for your use and all electrical cords will be supplied by the Convention Centre.  It is a requirement of the ACC that your machines are tagged and tested by a qualified electrician so please ensure that you have this done otherwise you'll be unable to use your machine.

These classes are going to be so much fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have putting it all together!

See you soon,

Sharon & Tracey

Thursday, September 11, 2014

20 days!!

Oh my, time is flying by very fast…

Time for some more updates.

Festival would not be as it is without our very generous sponsors. Please take a moment to view them all & express your appreciation by visiting our Sponsor List.

Announcing our Lucky Door Prize!

Students will receive an entry form inside their registration bag – so don’t forget to look for it… amongst all your other goodies.

Entry form is also supplied upon purchase of ticket into the Expo Hall.

1st -4th Prizes:

4 x $500- bundles of fabric from Dayview Textiles.

Dayview Textiles

5th-7th Prizes:

3 x $600- worth Tontine Craft products from Tontine Craft

Tontine Craft

Tontine prize

8th-9th Prizes:

2 x Magazine Subscriptions from Universal PublicationsHomespun MagazineQuilters Companion

Entries close 3.00pm, Monday October 6, 2014. The winner will be drawn at the end of the last day of the event and announced on the AMQF Main stage as well as be notified by phone and mail the week after show conclusion. The winner’s names will be published on the official AMQ Festival website www.amqfestival.com.au
Full Conditions of Entry and Privacy Disclaimer can be found at the AMQF competition box.
Organised by: logo3amqfb
Privacy Disclaimer: Your privacy is important to us. AMQ Festival collects your personal information so that it may process your competition entry. We may also use your information for future promotional and marketing purposes. Your details WILL NOT be sold to or given to a third party other than the sponsoring parties for this promotion only. You have rights of access to this information. Please contact us if you would like to correct or amend your information. By supplying your contact information you are agreeing that AMQ Festival can use it to keep you informed of future products and services we may offer via email or mail. Phone +61 8 82854709


A1 Elite PlatinumiQ-logos


A1 Quilting Machines joined with Intelliquilter computerised systems, will be represented this year in Booth #’s 27 & 28. Come & visit the booth to play with the brand new A1 Platinum machine that has the new stitch regulator that will inspire & tempt you! You might get to meet superstar quilters that own & use the A1 machine such as Jamie Wallen, Judi Madsen, Carla Barrett, Vicki Jenkin, Anita Ellis, Lisa Warne & Cristyn Merry (IQ). We will have the A1 Horizon 31” machine working with the Intelliquilter & the new Platinum machine in the booth. I’m sure Jamie won’t need much encouragement to demonstrate his Mystical Rulers for anyone that asks? Special show pricing will be available for a limited time on the A1 Platinum Professional Favourites package. Deposit only required at the show to obtain this US$ pricing.


Palmbeachquilting logo

Maureen Miller of Palm Beach Quilting was a sponsor in 2012 & this year is bringing her shop! She has hinted that they will have a new quilt to be released at Festival. Julie Fenn of Francis Lily Designs and Maureen, have been working hard on a quilt that they are sure you will all love! Maureen has a huge range of wide backing fabrics along with specialised kits & patterns from Judy Niemeyer, amongst her huge selection of products.

Right next door will be Batik Australia.TD112 Col 12

Premium quality “Batiks” - Designed and manufactured exclusively  by “Batik Australia” 

Available in 100% Cotton and 100% Rayon


Habit PatchHabit Patch is for lovers of fresh beautiful fabrics for their arts and crafts. Our shop is based along the main street of beautiful Penola, centrally located between Mount Gambier, Naracoorte, Millicent and Casterton. We offer fabrics which will tempt and inspire you to make your own creations. Come say hello at Booth #16 and see all the gorgeous fabrics, patterns & notions we are bringing with us to Adelaide! Our shop always has an environment where you'll meet people who make you feel comfortable and welcome to browse, chat, share stories and return again and again.


Don’t forget to register for your classes & check your supply lists before coming.

Not long now…

Tracey & Sharon

Monday, September 8, 2014

Some more Aussie star teachers!


All students need to ensure that you have your barcoded tickets printed & bring with you to access your classes and collect your Registration bag or Festival package. If you have misplaced them since registering, then please login to your account on our website and choose to have them resent to you to print out. Please check the classes you have registered for to ensure you bring all that is requested on the supply lists. Some class supply lists are included with your ticket, all the rest are listed on the website with the class descriptions.

All domestic hands on classes (except Jenny Doan Mystery Classes on Wednesday 1st October 2014) will have Bernina 350SE sewing machines kindly supplied by Otto & Penny’s Sewing Centre. These will be discounted at special Festival pricing by Otto if you fall in love with one & would like to take one home. Contact Otto in his booth in the Expo Hall during opening hours if you have questions or would like to organise purchase. Please bring normal sewing supplies with you as listed for each class. Appropriate machine feet as requested by your teachers will be with the machines.

Don’t forget you can hire these machines for the Jenny Doan Mystery Classes if you do not wish to bring your own on Wednesday!


Vicki Jenkin

Vicki Jenkin

Vicki started quilting in 1996 and quickly developed a love for both needleturn applique and machine quilting. She quilted on a domestic machine for 14 years and then in 2010 bought an A1 Elite, giving up her day job and taking the plunge into professional machine quilting, she now gets to indulge her passion every day! Vicki believes in getting out of your comfort zone and having a go...you don't know what you can achieve until you try.

Vicki has won a number of awards at state, national and international level. These include a Best of Show and Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting at Victorian Quilters Showcase, Honourable Mentions at Houston and the World Quilt and Textile Show. Longarm awards include ribbons at MQX and MQS and 2011 Rookie of the Year award at MQX.

Her classes this year are proving popular with seats still available to purchase!

A Flock of Freehand Feathers

2 hrs  Demo/lecture

Feathers are fun, they look great and there are variations suitable for many styles of quilts. Learn the basics of feather anatomy and you will soon be stitching beautiful flowing feathers with minimal pre-marking! Heirloom feathers, frilly feathers, hooked feathers, batwing and axehead feathers, a pretty feather filler and more! Most of them don't even have any backtracking! Handout includes a workbook of all designs.

A flock of freehand feathers

Fill it with Feathers

2 hrs   Demo/lecture
Part of the beauty of feathers is they can be tailored to fit many different shapes. This class looks at fitting feathers in squares, circles triangles and other shapes as well as options for borders.

Primarily an ideas and design class suitable for both longarm or domestic machine quilters

Fill it with feathers

Let's do Circle Work

2 hrs   Demo/lecture
Circle rulers/templates are very versatile and can be used to create many different block border and background designs. We will start with the basics of simple block and border designs, move onto curved crosshatch and more complex designs and finally combining with other motifs for those drop dead gorgeous border designs.

There are lots of ideas for all levels of custom quilting and the handout is a 20+ page workbook of designs to take home for inspiration!

Suitable for beginner, confident beginner!

Circle work Circle work 2



Helen Godden has become a household name with her success in entering competitions & teaching worldwide her machine quilting techniques. Join Helen on the HQ Sweet 16 machine for hands on classes that will be so exciting!

Helen Godden

Test Drive the Sweet 16 with Helen Godden

Quilt at full throttle and Top Gear as you put this Grand Prix of a quilting machine though its paces. No time for a Pit Stop; check out what this model can do while learning new quilting styles and tips from the 'Stig' of free-motion machine quilting, Helen Godden. A Full tank of Fun guaranteed.

Please note - this class is not for absolute beginners but for those with basic skills in domestic free-motion quilting, wanting to experience a Sweet 16 for the first time.

Supply List

Keeping it easy...no requirements just bring yourself and enthusiasm to give it a go.

There are only two seats left in Saturday’s class & a few more on Sunday & Monday! Don’t miss out on this great class.


Lee Vause

Lee Vause has focused her business to predominantly provide a quality long arm quilting service and teaching. Lee loves to teach Zentangle in its paper form and with thread, free motion quilting to include thread painting and machine embroidery.

Lee is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, a Jenny Haskins Accredited Tutor and a Victorian Quilters Accredited Teacher.

In summarizing Lee embraces a contemporary art design focus and mixes zentangle inspired art; thread painting, fabric painting with inks, crayons and pencils along with free motion quilting to create innovative quilts under the banner of Threads and Tangles.


This terrific class as taught by Lee Vause, a Certified Zentangle Teacher follows on from the Basic Zentangle Class and is based on Lee’s award winning quilt “Paradox”. Lee loves to create quilts based on the Zentangle theme and her “All in a Tangle” quilt is just another fine example of what can be created using a structured approach through couching and the use of other embellishments.

A number of Lee’s Zentangle Inspired works both pen and paper and quilts have been published not only in Australia but also overseas to include the popular book “The Beauty of Zentangle”. Other examples of Lee’s work include these cute looking wrens one set are FMQ and shaded and the other is digitised and machine embroidered.

There are still a few places left in this class why not book to avoid missing out.

Here are a few photos of some of Lee’s work –








This class while based on a lecture format is very popular and Lee with her many years of experience not only in machine embroidery, patchwork and quilting she has had much experience in public speaking and engages well with her audience through a principle of keeping it simple while succinct and uses an interactive PowerPoint presentation that is full of valuable and informative must have information for effective free motion quilting.

Here is just a bit of feedback Lee has received from some of her previous classes:

“I personally enjoyed the class very much. You are a natural teacher.  All students were happy with the class, and would like more!”

“Many thanks for an awesome day with the Embroiderers Guild, yesterday. Love my snail”.

There remains a few places left in this class.


Please note that if you are considering either of Jenny Doan’s Mystery Class #1 or #3 then register quick! There are very few seats left in both of these with Class #2 already full. We will be closing registrations for these classes on the 15th September to enable the final number of kits to be prepared & ready for you all on the day.

Not long now….

Tracey & Sharon

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Statler Classes are a highlight!

We are thrilled that Elizabeth Sewing Machines Co & Kelly Gallagher-Abbott are attending Festival this year & presenting a fantastic array of classes to suit all levels of students.

Kelly Gallagher-Abbott

Kelly Gallagher-Abbott

Owns and runs: Jukebox Quilts in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A. (www.jukeboxquilts.com)

Kelly has quilted since the late 80's, and is the owner of Jukebox Quilts in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A. Kelly is an accomplished quilter, and she designs quilts, quilt patterns and embroidery. Kelly has quilted 100's of quilts, runs retreats and educations conferences as well as teaches and lectures in the U.S. and abroad, quilt judge, mother of three, wife to Jim and much more. Kelly enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for quilting to others to assist them reach their quilting potential and importantly, have fun along the way. Kelly as an Authorised Gammill Dealer has extensive knowledge of the Gammill equipment and Statler Stitcher Creative Studio software and looks forward to the opportunity to present to and meet many Australian users.

The classes that Kelly is presenting are:

101 Tricks, Tips and Techniques to Use Everyday!

Put on your seatbelts and sharpen your note taking pencils! This class will give you at least 101 great pointers on ways to improve your productivity, help customers collaborate with you, use free tools & pattern organisation, marketing, organizing idea's, records and showcase your work for free on the internet etc.

Creative Studio Stand Alone Mode (S.A.M.)
Lay out full quilts in SAM to show your customer exactly how their quilt will look, so often secondary patterns are created that you didn't anticipate looking at individual patterns. Learn to use this to your advantage! This class is a great overview of Creative Studio, we'll also review how to save images so you can send them to the customer for approval. A whole cloth quilt will be designed during this class using some of the 3500 free patterns you have the ability to access.

Divide, Fills and Trims: What to use and when.
These and other Creative Studio functions allow us to create spectacular quilting, but they can create complications and unnecessary time to quilts if they're not properly applied. Real life quilt examples will be used to demonstrate these functions and select the best tool for the job. A must for the C.S. Custom quilter!

Getting the most out of the latest Creative Studio version and functions.

Gammill do a great job of providing us fantastic features and improvements to old functions on the release of a new Creative Studio version. This class will help you unlock the power of these tools to allow you to reach new heights of detailed quilting and set your imagination running to the endless possibilities you have at your fingertips!

Creative Studio Tips and Tricks.
We complete hundreds of quilts each year, or if you're getting started you soon will be. This class will show 'case studies' of how many types of quilts you can see and how we can use Creative Studio to achieve wonderful results on them all. Whether it's Double Wedding Ring, Lonestar or Log Cabin, harness the power of the border corner function, unlock the potential of point to point usage, how to use the echo and circular array functions and other great features of your Statler that you may be under utilizing!


Rick Haggerty

Rick Haggerty is an Australian dealer for Gammill Quilting machines & Statler along with being very busy with Elizabeth Machines Co.

We are very much a close knit family operated business with many staff having been with us for over 15 years. Our commitment to our customers is paramount and we are pleased to be involved with AMQ Festival again this year by providing a machine in a classroom for classes and by assisting to bring Kelly to Australia.

Rick will take you through a comprehensive maintenance class to ensure your Gammill is kept running in tip top condition!



Don’t forget to book your tickets online for our Sue’s Sewing World Gala Dinner! We have a Brother Scan’n’cut valued at $699- to give away but you have to be there to win it! Listen to Pam Holland’s inspirational presentation & then enjoy the fantastic music by Danny Hooper. Put on your dancing shoes & let down your hair!

Our Quilt auction is always so much fun with all proceeds being donated to our charity – Alzheimer’s Association SA

28 days & counting…..

Tracey & Sharon

Monday, September 1, 2014

Vendor news!

We are so excited to have all our vendors this year at Festival. You can find a list on our website of them all.
Our Gold Sponsor this year is also coming to show us all their new products.
Handi Quilter machines – the Sweet Sixteen and HQ18 Avante now have an upgrade available – both software and hardware!!! visit the website for more info…
All new machines are now shipping with the upgrade features added. Existing customers can have the upgrade installed on their machine if they choose.
So now we have an interchangeable foot!! And we have a Couching kit – so we can COUCH with a longarm machine !!!!
The Handi Feet Conversion Kit provides everything necessary to convert a HQ Sweet SIxteen,HQ 18 Avante or HQ24 Fusion to be able to use the new interchangeable Handi Feet. Also included in the conversion kit are the ruler Handi Foot and the Open-toe Handi Foot.
The Handi Feet Couching Kit includes three sizes of interchangeable couching feet:1.5mm,2mm,and 3mm. You'll have just the right size foot for adding couched embellishments using a variety of speciality threads, fibres, and yarn to your projects.
Our Bronze Sponsor – Bernina – will also be represented this year with a double booth run by Otto & Penny’s Sewing Centre.
Otto & Penny’s sewing centre
Otto & Penny's Bernina Sales & Service are and have been South Australia's largest Bernina Retailer for over 50 years. Both Otto and Penny have been associated with Bernina for that period and during that time have been involved in every aspect of Sales, Service, Education and Training on Bernina's entire product range.
They solely concentrate on the Bernina range of Sewing Machines, Embroidery Systems, Software and Overlockers as well as a large range of spare parts, accessories and publications and quality trade ins. Our customers can expect the highest standards of product knowledge and after sales service. They also sell the full range of Horn Sewing Furniture, Mettler sewing and embroidery threads including Poly sheen as well King Star polyester embroidery threads.
Otto has generously provided machines for our hands on domestic classes and also to hire for the Jenny Doan Mystery Classes.
Along with this opportunity they have provided these new machines at a very special Festival price for purchase at the end of Festival.
Bernina 350SE Special
Normally $1999- these will be available for only $1540- (Saving of $459 on RRP)
Please contact Otto to secure one of these amazing machines before they are all gone! Check out all the features by clicking on the picture above which is exactly how they will look!


Cynthias ArkHere at Cynthia’s Ark we specialise in batik fabrics, Aurifil threads, Riley Blake Fabrics and more. We carry patterns, fabrics, kits, trims and supplies. Visit our website www.cynthiasark.com.au to get a taste of what we stock before you visit us at Stall 12 at AMQF. Plus we have a special release happening just before the festival starts so sign up to our newsletter so you will see it first.
The locals know, and tourists agree, that we are your one stop shop for gifts of art, craft, haberdashery, machine embroidery software, threads and stabilisers, needlework, sewing machines, quilting fabric, patterns, tools, and much, much more. Take the time to drop in for a leisurely browse through our booth, we have lots of great gift ideas for quilters and anyone who sews.
Established in 1973 and now situated in its' new and permanent home, one of historic Gawler's oldest buildings (dated to 1868), Kornacraft represents the intersection of heritage arts and crafts with creativity and innovation.
There is now a ‘Quick Link’ on the home page of the website so that you can quickly show people where to purchase Expo entry tickets online at a discount! Please let all your friends know about this for them to avoid lining up at the door to purchase tickets AND save some $$ as well. They can print out their barcoded ticket at home OR simply download it to their smartphone to present at the door to enter.
Be back soon….
Tracey & Sharon

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Countdown has begun

AMQF 2014 is now less than 5 weeks away……….how did that happen we keep asking ourselves!  All is going to plan and we are so excited and can't wait to catch up with everyone involved in AMQF.  Classes have been booking very well with some being sold out and others being added to the curriculum.  If you have been putting off booking your classes we strongly suggest that you don't wait much longer.
michelleSpeaking of which, Michelle Pearson, is one of our featured teachers this time and her first class sold out in a flash.  Michelle very kindly agreed to put on another class and this was featured in the last Newsletter.  Michelle Pearson is teaching for the first time at AMQF this year. She is from Perth, Western Australia and has been quilting for 15 years!  Her favourite style of quilting is creative and modern free motion with structure and texture and she gets her inspiration from things that she sees; cultural artwork, nature, logos, books, internet, student’s work, quilt shows, architecture.  She also takes inspiration in meeting people and also from her experiences that she has at home and all over the world.  Michelle has been teaching for 20 years but does not quilt for customers;   Michelle feels as a patchwork and quilting store owner it is her job to inspire and educate her customers to learn how to quilt for themselves.
Michelle shares her favourite funny moment whilst teaching: “I was teaching a 2-day Handi Quilter Free Motion Ruler workshop in my store.  Day 1 went well and Day 2 was all about drawing and quilting different quilting design styles.   When I got to work on the second morning there was NO power and the power company could not give me an ETA of when the power would be on again… oh no! What to do?  Students would be arriving any minute!  We needed light!!  Ever the quick thinker that I am, I decided that the rear carpark was the only solution!  There I was, outside in a mad rush, setting up the makeshift classroom with tables, chairs, whiteboard, markers, drawing pads – the lot!  Needless to say there was plenty light! The only interruptions were the passenger and freight trains – which run past the back of my store!  We certainly would have provided an interesting sight to those who were travelling on the trains!  It worked brilliantly and the power came back on after an hour or so which was plenty of time for students to get in some drawing practice!  Quite a memorable event to say the least!”
Michelle’s dream would be to see more education on the fundamentals of quilting and helping people develop their own style of quilting through retreats or even an academy.

Linda V Taylor needs no introduction, I'm sure, as she has been in the industry almost since its inception and is referred to by many as the Doyen of Quilting.  Linda is a very gracious lady and so generous sharing her knowledge and it is an absolute privilege to attend her classes.   Linda first heard about a "quilting machine" back in 1993 and without even test driving it she wrote a cheque for the down payment - all she had to do then was work out how she was going to pay for it......she never looked back!  She had quilts lined up before the machine even arrived and housed it in her living room until she moved her business to a quilt shop in downtown McKinnery, Texas.  Five years later her husband, Rick, built a spacious studio for her and her eight machines.  During her career she has taught students from all over the world how to use the longarm quilting machines.  As one of the innovators of the art of longarm machine quilting, many of Linda's ingenious inventions have been incorporated as custom features on the quilting machines of today.  Linda is also first and foremost a very proud mother and grandmother - all of which are the light of her life.  Don't miss your chance to spend time with this incredibly talented person, you won't regret it for a moment!  Linda’s classes can be found here.

Missouri Star Quilt Company - Trunk Show
If you have been lollygagging about booking a seat to the trunk show being put on by Jenny Doan don't delay for much longer - seats are limited so get in quick to avoid disappointment.  The trunk show is not to be missed if you want to pick up the many tips and tricks to help you in your piecing.  Watch Jenny turn traditional methods upside down.  She makes everything so easy and I can't believe the impact her teachings have had on the industry in general but particularly in the sales of precuts - amazing!!

Web Based Business Promotion
If you were wanting to take part in the WBBP then you only have until Friday 5th September to get your Business Cards and/or Flyers to us.  They’ll need to be sent to;
AMQF, 13 Harbour Drive, Gulfview Heights  SA  5096

Until next time…….keep quilting and think about what to packSmile

Sharon & Tracey