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Monday, February 1, 2016

Intelliquilter classes for all...

We are so pleased to have Helen & her husband Tony, visiting us again this year at Festival. They both attended Festival in 2010 and inspired many IQ owners & potential owners with Helen’s knowledge & practical approach to teaching. Helen is the consummate teacher with an extensive knowledge base on all things IQ!
Helen Baczynski
Helen Baczynski
Helen bought her Gammill Premier in 1997 and started quilting for customers after being asked to do so by other members of the quilting group she belonged to at that time. They had seen her work at group meetings and must have liked it enough to ask Helen to quilt for them. "In 2002 I added the IntelliStitch stitch regulator and my husband and I began our association with KasaWorks. We travelled widely in the U.S.A. installing I/S on machines. When KasaWorks introduced IntelliQuilter in 2006, I added it to my machine and we became installers and support for iQ."
In 2007 she started teaching iQ classes at the major machine quilting shows in the U.S.A. She has also taught smaller, private classes in the U.S and England. Her short, instructional videos demonstrating iQ’s features can be found on Youtube and at iqdemos.com. "I was honoured to be invited to teach at the first AMQF and am happy to be returning in 2016." Intelliquilter
Adding to Helen’s 5 new classes in August is our own accomplished Intelliquilter owner & teacher -
Tonia Brooks
Tonia Brooks
Malanda Quilting – Professional Long Arm Quilter
I have been sewing from a young age, taught by my mother and a wonderful range of home economics teachers.
Patchwork and quilting came to find me in 2003.
The inaugural Australian Machine Quilting Festival of 2010, saw me purchase my beautiful A1 Longarm Quilting Machine, promptly named “Sally”. I began longarm quilting and found I had a natural affinity with Free Hand custom work, which has always given me immense pleasure. My business grew to a point that I needed to find a more efficient way of meeting my E2E deadlines and also run my fabric store.
So after much research along came my Intelliquilter “Ivan”.
“Ivan” made my life more streamlined. I could load a quilt and set up an E2E design and away he and “Sally” would go.
There was an unintended consequence of “Ivan” and “Sally” however. Not only did I use them for E2E but started to incorporate designs I purchased into my custom work. Especially borders. Scallops and swags - all manner of things. The door was inching open, and it didn’t stop there. Because Intelliquilter is such a powerful program and so user friendly I found I was designing more and more of my own designs, using them to repeat spines and outlines. All the time the Intelliquilter was allowing me to stretch it even more. I have yet to come to a point where Intelliquilter curtails my creative expression, and I don’t think it ever will. And now I want to share and help others grow in their custom work.

Tonia will be presenting 4 ‘Hands on’ classes with a maximum of 12 students with everybody working on their own IQ tablet to ensure the skills are practiced & learned all together. With extensive notes to back these classes up I’m sure students will be customizing their work for themselves & customers in no time!
Have you ordered your

Minda Benefit Challenge quilt kit

 Mindahornlogo web1Lloyd Curzon

AMQ Festival is proud to join with Lloyd Curzon Textiles & Horn Australia to present to you a challenge to assist us in raising much needed funds to support people living with intellectual disability live lives of their choosing.
At Minda, we create an environment where people with intellectual disability can embrace and enjoy the experiences of life.
Minda is at the forefront of the disability sector, offering support and opportunity to approximately 1,700 people in the areas of accommodation, supported employment, lifestyle services and respite.
We are committed to creating a dynamic environment where people can live lives of their choosing.
Due to the onset of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Minda must diversify its revenue streams to ensure that its future is sustainable and the highest quality of service and care can continue to be offered to people living with intellectual disability. Any funds raised through fundraising activities will help us to provide more services to people living with intellectual disability.




Create a quilt that shouts out the theme of celebration. It could be a special achievement in your life or someone else’s. A goal that has been reached that needs to be recognised. It could be a new beginning, a reason to say thank you, or giving thanks for just being here. Rejoice in life and show us what it means to you.
Each entry is to be accompanied by a story of why or what you are celebrating, no longer than 250 words.
All quilts will be donated to Minda Inc to be auctioned with full proceeds being used to support people living with intellectual disability live lives of their choosing. The top thirty finalists will be selected for display at AMQ Festival 2016. All entries will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  1. All quilters are invited to submit an entry into the Minda Benefit Quilt Challenge run by Lloyd Curzon Textiles, Horn Australia and AMQ Festival for 2016.
  2. Application forms are available on our website to enable you to purchase your fabric kit to start your challenge. Entry forms will be included with your kit to submit with your completed quilt.
  3. There is one category only. Entries can be based either on a traditional or a contemporary design that reflects and interprets the theme ‘Celebration!’ and must use at least a recognisable portion of each of the challenge fabrics provided by Lloyd Curzon Textiles (Colour Movement fabric range by Kona Bay exclusive to Lloyd Curzon Textiles)
  4. All entries must be original. An entrant may apply any techniques including piecing, appliqué, embroidery, painting, inking, colouring, embellishing and/or manipulated fabric, etc.
  5. Each work must measure a maximum of 100cm on each side with no minimum size.
  6. The quilt must be machine quilted. This includes long-arm, short-arm or domestic machines. The quilt may be quilted with thread(s) of choice.
  7. A label with ‘AMQF 2016 Minda Benefit Quilt’ and the entrant’s name & address must be attached to the back of the quilt.celebrate2
  8. Announcement of the winners will be announced on the AMQ Festival Blog & Facebook on Jul 31st 2016. It will also be announced in Link Magazine by Minda and on the Minda Facebook page.
  9. Anyone can enter! An entrant’s quilt may be the work of more than one person as long as all parties who contribute to the quilt are nominated on the entry form as being the entrant. There is no limit of entries per person or group.
  10. Other fabrics may be added to the quilt.
  11. The fabric challenge kit consists of 6 fat 16’ths of fabric and costs $10 including postage.
  12. A ribbon will be awarded to each winning quilt and a certificate to each participant.
  13. The prizes awarded are based on the interpretation of theme, excellence in design and craftsmanship. The deadline to send in completed quilts with entry forms is June 30th 2016.
Please email any questions to AMQF at challenge@amqfestival.com.au or Ph:08 88256214
DOWNLOAD the application form to complete to get started on creating your work of art to benefit Minda Inc. You can now also complete an online application form for your kit.

The entries will be judged by a panel of judges from sponsors involved. The top 30 quilt entries will go on display at AMQ Festival if space permits.
First Prize: Value $1000+   : Your choice of Horn furniture valued up to $1000- plus a ticket to AMQF Cocktail Party
Second Prize: Value $750+   : Your choice of Horn Furniture valued up to $750- plus a ticket to AMQF Cocktail Party
Third Prize: Value $500+   : Your choice of Horn furniture valued up to $500- plus a ticket to AMQF Cocktail Party
Until next time…happy quilting!

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