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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The value of advertising!

As I’m completing our 2016 AMQ Festival Class Catalogue ready to go to the printers I have been pondering the ‘value of advertising’.

I have already sent this to our vendor mail list, but have realised that there are a lot of AMQ Festival supporters that have only signed up to this blog/newsletter & may not have seen this information. So delete if you are not interested, but there will be some that can take advantage of this as ALL quilt related business are invited to be included. Large & small, local, interstate & international!

I strongly believe after being in business now for just over 17 years, that consistent advertising, followed up by great service, produces a level of trust & duration in this business. The toughest part for any business is balancing an ever decreasing budget & making the advertising component be as effective as possible to the best target market you can find.

Advertising lets people know you’re in business. It conveys your business name and the type of products or services you offer.

A big example of the benefits of advertising is bringing potential customers to your shop who might otherwise never know you exist. A shopfront is only seen by people who walk past your door, but advertising can reach out to others in the surrounding towns and communities.

"Word of mouth" is said to be one of the best forms of advertising, and it’s true. A satisfied customer will often tell others of their experience, which can result in future sales. Media advertising in magazines, newspapers, on radio and TV will help get new customers who will then increase business by their spreading the word to their friends.

Business owners often don’t realize that one of the benefits of advertising is making potential customers feel more confident in a business they see advertised. It gives them the sense that the business is professional, stable and reputable.

A business that stops advertising may give the impression that the business is out of business. When people see a business advertise for a long period of time and then stop, they may get the false impression that the business is no longer there, even though it is still open. Consistent advertising yields the best results.

Another of the benefits of advertising that many businesses don’t realize is that it takes money to make money. An old saying in the marketing industry is "Advertising doesn’t cost, it pays." Sometimes you have to invest money to make money, and advertising should be an investment that is included in a business’s annual budget.

Advertising is educational and dynamic in nature. It familiarises the customers with the new products and their diverse uses and also educates them about the new uses of existing products.

With all these words of wisdom I can honestly tell you that advertising with AMQ Festival is going to a very specific target market who have CHOSEN to receive information that is relevant to their passion of crafting within the quilting genre. Our advertising rates are extremely good value with options to choose from.

I invite you to visit our Advertising Opportunities page to discover a dedicated market to promote your products & business to.

yours in quilting and business


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