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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teacher Review–Lee Vause

Zentangling seems to be a mystery to many of us as it is quite a new application using age old doodles and putting a gorgeous modern twist on them!

Today our teacher in the spotlight is Lee Vause.

Lee Vause

Lee definitely has the creative gene which seems to be prolific in her family and has been passed from her mother, to her and then to her daughters. 

Lee is a CZT or to the uninitiated a Certified Zentangle Teacher and she is passionate about this art form.  Lee will be teaching three classes at Festival and if you’ve ever wanted to learn a new skill that has myriad applications then this is for you!  Lee’s classes are as follows;

Maximising Inbuilt Machine Decorative Stitches for Quilting Purposes

In this “hand-on” class you will learn how to use those decorative stitches on your sewing machine, that many of us have never used, and make a small quilt.  How cool is that?

Machine embroidery

Basic Zentangle

Here you will learn the basics of this addictive and repetitive art form focussing on fun and relaxation through drawing.  All that is required in this class is pen, paper and a little imagination.  This will take you back to those times spent daydreaming and doodling – such fun!

Zentangle with Fabric & Thread

This is the next step in your Zentangle journey where you will transform the skills you have learnt in pen and paper onto fabric.  Voila!! A masterpiece is born.Zentangle with fabric & thread

If you are interested in finding out more about Lee’s classes click here.  There is also more information about Lee, her classes and products on her website, Threads and Tangles.

Kim Bradley will be out next Teacher in the Spotlight and until then my nose will be firmly attached to the grindstoneSmile

Cheers, Sharon

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