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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anita Ellis

I can’t believe how close we are to our wonderful festival!  With that in mind it’s time to introduce you to another teacher.  Meet Anita Ellis.

Anita is a passionate quilter who is active  in her local quilting community in Victoria.  At festival Anita will be teaching a whopping 7 classes!  We are so lucky to have her with us sharing her knowledge and talent with our students.

Anita’s classes will be chock-full of wonderful ideas and practical advice with a focus on giving beginners the confidence to get started, but I really think that even more experienced quilters will have something to learn from Anita.  All 7 classes run for 2 hours and cost $53 each and include a handout.  

I have picked out a few classes to share with you today, but to be honest – they all sound wonderful so head on over to our website and have a look at everything she has on offer by clicking here

First up is  Basic Feathers for Anyone.  I just love feathers,  I think they lend an elegance to a quilt that is second to none.  In this class Anita will show you how to draw feathers and how to stitch them out.  She will teach you how to break a quilt top down and  how to best place the feathers to enhance the quilt top.  Here are some examples of Anita’s lovely feather work. 


Feathers coupled with great background fills

Next we have Tricky Quilts.  In this class Anita will show you innovative ways to “fix the unfixable”.  We have all had quilts brought in that have wavy borders, fullness, split seams and a plethora of other problems.  Bring your own tricky quilts to this class and get some hands on advice on how to overcome their problems and turn them into a “screaming success”.

Another of Anita’s classes is Simple Background Designs.   Be inspired by Anita as she shows you how to get over that mental stumbling block of choosing a design to enhance appliqué, stitcheries and really use those open spaces in pieced blocks.

Background quilting free handed on an applique quilt.

Lastly, I want to share with you Anita’s Simple Custom Quilting class.  This class is a great place to grow the confidence to take the leap from pantographs to custom quilting.  Anita will teach you some simple designs and techniques to really make the quilt come to life.  Learn how to take the designs you create from the drawing board to the quilt-top.

Custom quilting enhancing block design

You can see more examples of Anita’s wonderful work on her blog.  And don’t forget to visit the AMQF website for more information about Anita’s classes – there is sure to be something there to inspire you!

More of Anita's gorgeous quilting

Until next time,


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