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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Give-away for everyone!

I have just had a note from John Nielsen, our wonderful digitising teacher from New Zealand…

Dear Tracey & Sharon

I can't believe that it's only three weeks until we will all gather for the first AMQF in Adelaide!

Of course I am really looking forward to be part of your Quilt Festival, meeting lots of new quilters - and to see all your talented work.

As I lived 10 years in Christchurch I am also looking forward to do a bit of sight seeing in Adelaide and shall stay for some extra days - where I hope to get around and see as much as possible.

I am sure I have mentioned this already in my class description, but here is a reminder anyway!

It would be good if "my" students could bring along a USB stick - as I plan to copy and give away designs we make in class - or if there is any special requests.  Students can also bring photos or scans of shapes or design they wish to draw/trace.

As an IQ-man myself I shall bring my tablet, and if any of my students want to bring theirs too, that's fine as well - and we can check how well our designs transfer to IQ.

I have attached a *pdf file with some designs I have made in Art and Stitch as well as in Pre-Design Studio.  I have converted these to all "computer quilt formats" please feel free to download them all for sharing.  These are not "super-duper professional" made, but I think still quite acceptable - and I have used most with great success!

I am saying this - as I do not consider myself a "professional digitizer" but certainly with Art and Stitch it does get very easy for everyone to make your own designs.

Furthermore - if any of "my" students have any questions or requests please let them know they are quite welcome to email me direct.

*Notes re files:

Hibiscus is a True Font conversion to stitch file.  Ironwork is of an old Church door. Aust. Rabbit panto still needs some work re spacing, but might be OK if you flip one row and off set it!  The unit for the circular panto can as a panto be off-set etc and works well in 1 inch strips too - enjoy

Kind regards

John Nielsen

Quiltfairies at Baylys Beach, NZ



To everyone that has registered… if you wish to be able to purchase wholesale from those that offer this then you MUST advise Sharon of your current ABN so that we can provide easy identification to those vendors involved. This must be done prior to September 20th.


Class requirements lists

It is your responsibility to read the class descriptions of those classes you have signed up for to ensure that you have any requirements with you. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us or the teacher involved for clarification. Most teachers have a link on their information page to their website for you to contact them if you need.

Please bring a notepad & pen to ALL classes.

Until next time…

Tracey & Sharon

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