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Thursday, September 16, 2010

15 days to go..

I am writing to you  from the beautiful Mt Remarkable location in the mid north of South Australia. The event? My youngest DD’s  Yr 6 camp where I am in charge of the kitchen. This is my third Yr 6 camp as cook and will be my last, so I couldn’t not come again this year. It was also DD’s 12th birthday on the first day - yesterday, so the whole class celebrated with a big cake & fun activities last night.  Today I made the effort to go with them all to climb the mountain. 6.4 kms up/down means that I might not be able to walk very well later tonight & tomorrow! The weather turned bad but the views were magnificent!

Melrose 029 You will  meet Sarah  on  the Constantine Quilts booth at Festival!

Melrose 031 Melrose 032

I’ve had some correspondence with one of our most experienced  quilters here in Australia who is also one of our two judges this year for the AMQA quilt show. She has offered this advice to share with everyone…

Dear Tracey,  

I was speaking to a beginner Longarm Quilter last night and discovered that she had only chosen beginner classes. 

As quilters of various abilities I thought all should be looking at attending classes which are the next step up from where they consider  themselves to be.  Even if your skills are not up to the more advanced techniques, attending classes that are more advanced can give direction to where the quilter would like to be and arm them with the techniques that can get them there.    This Festival is an opportunity for the quilter to grow and advance but more importantly it is an opportunity to invest in themselves and their businesses.

Susan Campbell, Rowdy  Flat  Quilting

How true this is!!

Thank  you Susan for sharing  this…

I’ve also had a phone call today (whilst climbing the mountain vbg) from a student getting excited  about coming to Festival.  I am sharing this as probably most would have the same question?

She was  wanting a  hard copy of the AMQ Festival Information  Book to have on hand with all the info. However, we are  printing  a huge number of Show Programs that will have a list with descriptions of all quilts entered into the AMQA Show 2010,  a list of  teachers & their classes, advertising, sponsor lists, vendors list & much more.

These will be in your registration bags plus they are available to the general public as they purchase their entry tickets.

Until next  time – which will be really soon now!

Tracey & Sharon

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