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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vicki Jenkin

Hi everyone,

Today I’m back to talk about Vicki Jenkin, an outstanding home grown talent.  As Vicki had 14 years of experience quilting on a domestic machine before she bought an A1 longarm in 2010, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with domestic and longarm machine quilters. 

Vicki’s award winning work is nothing short of amazing and at Festival she will be taking two demonstration classes that will be well worth attending.

The first class, Let’s Do Circle Work,  is suitable for beginners and more advanced quilters and showcases the use of circle templates.  Vicki’s students will learn how to create gorgeous border designs, continuous curves, elegant curved cross-hatching and more with the templates.

Feathers and Curved Cross-hatching

 In Vicki’s second class, A Flock of Freehand Feathers, she will be demonstrating many different types of feathers that can be stitched out with little or no prior marking.  Although Vicki’s techniques will be demonstrated on an A1 longarm machine, with her many years experience of quilting on a domestic machine she is full of advice for all quilters.

If you love the elegance that curved cross-hatching and feathers give a quilt then Vicki’s classes are a “must do” at Festival.

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