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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Piecing, Applique’ & Finishing classes part 1

Did you know that we also have classes for those that love to piece quilts, applique, embellish and more?
Most are hands on classes with domestic sewing machines provided for you to use.

Visit here to discover and book your classes!!

We have Susan Cleveland presenting three classes on domestic machines. First is
Bodacious Big Thread Applique' and More…

Hands on Domestic Sewing machine
Suitable for all
Learn to stitch with heavy decorative threads through the machine’s needle for applique'ing and quilting, to stuff applique', make prairie points with stitching and embellishments, use freezer paper for quilting designs and to design a fun-shaped quilt ... while creating a precious little piece. I’ll demo hand quilting with heavy threads too! Your choice of three patterns. Happy Daisy 9in x 11in, Joy In My Heart 9in x 11in, Daisy Trio 11in x 20in (Some speedy students may start to quilt in class.)
Class fee includes kit: Pattern, Pre-printed DecorBond (to use in place of fusible web), Freezer paper, Wool for stuffed applique', Two spools of WonderFil Spagetti 12wt cotton in your colour choice, Sewing Machine needles
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Next class is one I would love to indulge in -
Disappearing Dresdens 

Hands on Domestic Sewing machine
Suitable for all
Double points put a contemporary spin on this long-time favourite and they eliminate the need for the traditional applique'd circle in the centre of each circle! Using quarter-circle, half-circle, and three-quarter-circle units adds another interesting bit. Learn Susan’s tips for speedily turning the wedge points with the Prairie Pointer Tool and use tricky piecing to assemble the arcs, circle and background. Points are three-dimensional and design possibilities are endless. Finished quilt is 27in x 24in.
Class fee includes: Pattern and pre-printed foundation fabric (won’t show in finished piece)
Optional/very desirable Kit $38-
Includes: Prairie Pointer Tool and Dresden ruler
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Last hands on class will amaze you with the results! I have used Susan’s Piping Hot Binding tool & have achieved great results when other methods have failed me. There is so much more to this class than just piping in your binding, that you won’t want to miss out!

Piping Hot Binding

Hands on Domestic Sewing machine
Suitable for all
Piped bindings add spark and a professional finish to any style piece. Every detail of binding and tiny, perfect piping will be covered in class with step-by-step demos and printed instructions. Machine differences will be addressed so students will be successful with their own machines. Students work on their practice pieces to achieve making perfect piping, preparing the quilt, applying piping, applying binding, mitering corners, joining tails, and finishing for a show-quality back. Lots of variations will be on display and discussed. Your bindings will be dazzling, dah-ling!
Optional Kit fee: Piping Hot Binding kit is an optional purchase for a special price for this class of only $29.70. Piping Hot Binding kit includes a 16-page booklet, Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool, and 5 yds cording. It does NOT contain fabric. If you already have the Piping Hot Binding kit, please bring it!
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Did you know that you can piece and quilt a quilt on your longarm all at the same time???
Come and meet the very talented Leanne Harvey to learn how to make a quilt very quickly on your longarm machine.

Quilt it quickly...

Longarm Demo/lecture
Suitable for all
Taking Quilt As You Go to the next level !!! In this class Leanne will show you techniques to piece and quilt as you go on the longarm !!! It's heaps of fun and you get a finished quilt quickly. Use up all your scraps, orphan blocks and your stash.............even the binding will be stitched on !!!!!

ONLY FOUR seats left in Bethanne Nemesh finishing class
The Devil is in the Details

Hands on Domestic Sewing Machine
Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced
Sometimes the difference between a show quilt and an AWARD WINNING show quilt is in the details. On the judging floor, sometimes one point is all that separates a contestant from a winner.
Bethanne will share her unique finishing details which have been proven winners in shows across the country in her quilts. Students will focus on skills mastery of beaded bias applique, beaded piping, swag piping, beaded knife edge binding, facing edges, and turning corners with beaded materials as well as an introduction to the use of Derwent Inktense pencils.
Rather than a complete finished project, students will make 4” mini samples and finish one edge with cardstock, then assemble their samples on a key ring of details mastery! Take your quilting to the next level with masterpiece details!
Class Fee Includes: Pre quilted squares, all beads, and cording for class, handouts, Derwent Inktense pencil (a variety of colours will be available), brush, activator for ink
Supply List:
  • 6in x 1in clear acrylic ruler,
  • Purple air erase pen,
  • 1 yard/ meter each of 3 colours that contrast each other of 2 ½in bias, folded in half and pressed (like you would make binding)  These should be your most beautiful, favourite fabrics.  Silk dupioni makes AMAZING samples!  The bias does NOT need to be continuous.  We will be using small pieces… (4) ¼ yard/meter pieces of each colour is fine too. 
  • Matching sewing thread for each of your 3 colour choices.  The thread should be strong.  Test it for breakage.  I use a strong polyester high sheen thread like glide.
  • Basic Sewing supplies for hand and machine sewing (pins, scissors, thimble, hand sewing needles…suggest long, strong applique needles) 
Embellishing & applique on a longarm? Come & learn lots of different tricks from Myrna Ficken in her class:
Embellishments on LA
Longarm Demo/lecture
Suitable for all

Want to learn how to couch with your longarm without a couching foot? Want to learn how to tie and bury your threads and why? Want to try longarm applique? Want to learn how to apply your binding while your quilt is still loaded on your machine? Want to learn how Myrna stabilizes a quilt for custom work and why? Want to try things that make you a bit afraid? Well now, come on in and give it a try. Let's get our feet wet and add money makers to you portfolio.

Applique Architecture--Creating Applique on your Longarm with Karen Farnsworth2hrs
Longarm Demo/lecture
Suitable for all

Appliqué Architecture—Creating Applique on your Longarm. Karen will show you several methods for creating raw edge and finished-edge appliqué projects right on your quilting machine. She'll demonstrate how to use the unique digital patterns she's designed for this process and then show you how to get the same results using patterns you already own or create yourself. Although this class focuses on computerized longarm systems, the methods used also apply to hand guided quilters. Guaranteed to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing!

I'll be back with part 2 of the review of these types of classes in a couple of days!

Happy quilting


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