20-23rd September 2018
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trip down memory lane today!

Do you remember in 2014 when we had Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Co in Adelaide teaching her mystery classes? We had such a great time in that classroom and again over the weekend with over 125 people at her fantastic Trunk Show!!

This short film has been created to help us really understand the meaning of quilting.... enjoy!
Get a coffee and snack first though.

Happy quilting


  1. Thank you I cannot believe it was nearly 2 years ago I was sewing with Jenny at your convention, I went to Hamilton this April- I thought I had died n gone to fabric heaven when I walked into the 1st shop- I didn't know where to look or start. I enjoyed going from one shop to the other. I didn't get to see Jenny that day maybe when I go back next time. Cheers Ilse

  2. Wow - you got to go to Missouri Star Quilt Co! That would have been amazing.... are you coming this year to Festival?

  3. Thank you Tracey for posting this video, it was amazing and so inspiring. It just shows that large trees grow from little acorns. It had no idea that Missouri Star Quilt Co was such a huge business, they deserve every bit of their success.
    Sheila Schmidt, Perth W.A.