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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Renae Haddadin

Renae is an astoundingly talented machine quilter and she is self-taught. After sending out her third quilt to a longarm professional, she decided they didn't share the same vision and that she'd better learn how to do it herself. So that's what she did. She decided on a machine and spent many hours practicing. After only nine months, her quilts began winning awards. After using the infamous Mr Google we found this wonderful smilebox presentation that was made by 'The Quilt Show' when they featured Renae on Episode 703.

Episode 703 – Tools of the Trade (Rachel Clark/Renae Haddadin) where you'll also learn about Renae's Amazing Ray Tool. If you are a member of The Quilt Show then you will be able to re-watch this episode!

Renae loves to quilt! ...and loves to share that passion with others. She has developed tools and techniques for piecing and quilting that have been used by many to create beautiful quilts. It thrills her to see students succeed and grow in their own quilting and piecing.
Renae is always looking for new ways to challenge herself personally and professionally and believes that her physical, emotional and spiritual condition have a great impact on her quilting. Many of her quilts are entered in competitions and she has won numerous quilting awards...but her biggest thrill isn't winning. She considers the best part of quilting exploring the unlimited possibilities that the art affords and the friends that she has made along the way.

Renae's love of quilting is evident as she teaches. Her classes are designed to teach techniques that work for all machine quilters, longarm, midarm and sit-down quilters can all benefit from many of her techniques. Though much of her familiar work is seen in shows, the same techniques are effective in everyday quilting. Running a successful quilting business requires that she stays on top of all the new quilting products available. She strives to make each class unique, offering different ideas and techniques in each one.
In many of her classes she offers class notes. All notes are multiple pages in color with drawing and photos.....a great value to take away what you have learned.

Classes being offered at AMQ Festival are:

#106 Hip to Be Square

Saggy baggy quilt backs? Quilts turning out warped, with dog-eared corners? Do you constantly struggle with tucks on the backs of your quilts? If so, this is the class for you!

Hip to be Square

# 107 Show Off! – Background Fillers

Learn numerous background fillers using your frame quilting machine that will show off your motifs. Watch Renae stitch her favourites, while discussing the best places to use them.

Show Off

# 109 On Your MARK, Get Set….GO!

If you wonder how and when to use which marking tools, this is the class for you! There are so many marking choices available, but how can you use each method most effectively? Renae demonstrates numerous options and variations, some marking much detail and some marking very little

# 211 Feather Your Nest

Have you been a chicken about trying freehand feathers with your frame quilting machine? In this class, you will learn many feather variations and which application works best in different situations. Perhaps you have heard the terminology: formal feathers, longarm feathers, funky feathers, and feathers over the top. We will dissect them all so that you will gain the confidence to fly with your newfound feather freedom!

Feather your nest

# 208 Throw Them a Curve or Play It Straight

Learn elegant ways to use your frame quilting machine to stitch curved crosshatching or traditional crosshatching in any shape or area. Renae will share tips to travel between lines without starting and stopping, while accentuating the motifs. She will demonstrate tools that are helpful and tips that work to make curved crosshatching fast and simple.

# 310 Circles and Rays are in the Bag

Using Renae's Miniray, this class is designed to teach the concept of using radiating lines and circles as the basis of your design. You will learn methods of drafting that will require nothing more than drawing some circles, dividing them into wedges, and connecting some points (remember dot-to-dots?).

All of these quilts have been designed using Renae’s Mini Rays or Amazing Ray tools…

Circles n Rays


This last class is an 8 hr class with Pfaff domestic machines supplied for your use along with Mini rays to use to learn how to design. The Mini Rays will be available to purchase in the vendor mall, if desired. Renae’s method of curved piecing is simple but very accurate and will release your creativity to achieve some amazing results.

You can learn more at her website

Until next time when Shontelle will be back with another review!


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