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Monday, August 23, 2010

More classes for everyone…

Yes, we have listened and we are pleased to offer you repeat classes at times that hopefully will fit into your schedules!


Class 152 - Do the Zentangle ® and create beautiful background fillers for your quilts with Jane Monk is now also available on Friday 3-5pm


Class 238 -  A1 Tech Talk with Stewart Plank. for all A1 owners is now being offered on Saturday 1.30 -3.30pm

We hope that all those that asked can now fit these in with Jane &  Stewart.

Helen Stubbings has  recently posted this on her blog,  thought  you  might  like  to see what she is  planning for Festival…

Be your own Virtuoso

As stated in my last post I have been busy working up a new version of my Very Own Virtuoso class. I hear so often ‘I cant draw to save myself’ , ‘I could never draw or design anything like that!’. Well, although I believe anyone can learn to draw, this class has been developed for those of you who don’t have the confidence to start…. cos, maybe you can’t draw, but you can trace!

As a designer I see potential designs and inspiration everywhere I go and always have my camera or sketchpad at hand… travelling around the world each country has its own design elements and architectural styles also – now I haven’t been to many  countries but where I have been I have snapped happily – one day I hope to get to many more and add to my photo and design stash! – but I have more than enough to work from for myself and to share with you all.

So, how do I start?  Well I enlarge and print my photos, just in black and white from a photocopier or printer – not as a photo…


Then pick out the main individual design features and use a black sharpie to outline… there you have it, the first design element…


then with the help of rulers, grids, tracing paper and time the options are endless….


I have hundreds of these!!!


and hundreds more in my photo albums…..

View Sydney Lace photos

View Full Album

now, can someone give me hundreds more spare hours so i can stitch and colour or appliqué all of these ideas into quilts!

If you come to any of my design classes you are able to use my design element package already done for you to make a wholecloth design on the day – you will then know exactly how to start your own portfolio… imagine that, your very own design portfolio.. and you said you couldn’t draw! Before you know it you will be designing your very own original elements and adding to the architectural styles of the world.

happy inspirations, hope I may be able to share and help you with your designing process one day at a class somewhere..

hugs, Helen – back to drawing for me now…

All I can say is WOW – this is inspirational! Come & join in on the journey with everyone else in Helen’s class.

Until next time…

Tracey & Sharon

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