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Friday, April 30, 2010

5 months to go!

Tracey mentioned in the last blog post that I would be teaching at the Machine Quilters Exposition (MQX) which was held in Providence, Rhode Island, USA a few weeks ago. Attending a show such as this is not only exciting but so inspiring, it is like an explosion of all things “quilty”.
Three years ago I attended MQX for the first time and since then have longed for an event in Australia which focused on machine quilting. During a discussion with Tracey in November 2009 it became apparent that she’d had similar thoughts – hence the inception of what is now known as the Australian Machine Quilting Festival. It has been a torrid few months to get everything in place in such a short space of time and we are very excited with how it is coming together.
Since being in the US I’ve been thinking about the fantastic opportunity that AMQF will provide machine quilters in our own Country. We will no longer have to mortgage our homes to travel overseas, suffer 21 hours flying time, eat airline food, cope with time changes, jetlag and the chance of lost luggage! (That’s another story). No, we will have a wonderful show of our own!
There are quite a few shows in America dedicated to machine quilting such as MQX, Machine Quilters Showcase (MQS), Home Machine Quilting Show (HMQS) and the work that goes into making them a success is absolutely enormous. It is shows such as this that Tracey and I have used as a model for AMQF.
Having had classes with 3 of the teachers we have coming from America I can tell you that I would crawl, if I had to, just to sit in their classes.
Pam Clarke can give you endless ideas for designs to fill any spaces in such a quick and easy manner. If you are having trouble marking your quilts then her use of stencils will amaze and astound you. Never does a custom quilt leave my machine that I haven’t used her “one inch” stencil on.
Helen Baczynski is teaching Intelliquilter (IQ) Classes for those that have that particular robotic system. She is very calm with a lovely English accent and her teacher training for kindergarten has certainly put her in good stead to teach those of us that are a little challenged. She truly has the patience of a saint, puts you at ease and finds time to answer all questions.
Kimmy Brunner is without doubt one of the best teachers that you will ever be able to learn from. Apart from the fact that she is hilarious, her teaching method is outstanding. Kimmy has just received the Teacher of the Year Award at the Machine Quilter’s Exposition. Her way of teaching feathers is fun and so easy to learn and once executed they are simply stunning.
We, of course, have our Australian teachers and also John Neilson from New Zealand; they will be featured in future blog posts.
Many experienced teachers have indicated a desire to teach at AMQF so it can only get bigger & better. A show such as AMQF, will benefit us whether we quilt as a business or hobby.
If you have any questions or maybe some ideas of your own please don’t hesitate to contact either Sharon or Tracey

Let’s make “Festival” the success we know it can be!

Until next time….

Tracey & Sharon

owners AMQ Festival 2010

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